Learning Environment

IQ centres are designed to encourage students to learn. A play space and cafeteria at the entrance of our centres allows students to settle in after their day at school. Each center also has a co-learning homework space where children can either collaborate or work individually on homework assignments, projects, or test prep with the assistance of a teacher. Classrooms are built in a way to facilitate movement and interaction. Throughout the centres the latest technology is used only to maximise students learning experience and without reducing their interaction with the teacher or other students.


IQ Education centres are designed around our students. Our healthy cafeteria at the foyer nourishes our students physically. They prepare mentally as they settle down at the play space, ready for an hour-long fun learning session that is to follow.


Each center is equipped with a co-learning homework space where students can complete their school assignments and projects individually or collaboratively with their classmates. They may also prepare for their upcoming school assessments with the guidance of an available centre-teacher.


Primarily, our classrooms are oriented to stimulate and facilitate students’ movement and cooperation. Thus, while the learning spaces are also appointed with leading- edge technology as a tool, human interaction, social and collaborative learning never compromised but encouraged.

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