Frequently asked questions


How is IQ different from other tuition centres?

IQ provides a combination of subjects that are the future-proof building blocks of any ambition and career: English, Math, and Coding. All subjects are taught in English that actively engages children – making learning an enjoyable process. The focus is on knowledge acquisition through concept mastery than rote learning, while keeping a focus on children’s grades in school.

Our learning space, free to any student enrolled at IQ, provides learners a conducive space for homework, revision, and project preparation with the support of a dedicated teacher. The learning space is part of our methodology, providing a nurturing environment for learners to further practice their skills acquired through our lessons.

How does IQ help improve the grades of my child in school?

IQ works collaboratively with parents to monitor student grades. We diagnose and pinpoint the challenge areas of every individual student. This data is applied by our teachers to customise effective learning strategies and lessons. It is also shared with our learning space teachers to provide additional support to students who require reinforcements to gain mastery of the topics.

At IQ we aim to develop students' capabilities with tangible results. If we are unable to improve the grades of children for two consecutive semesters in English and/or Math, we proactively reach out to conference with respective parents to decide if their children can benefit from and with IQ Education.

What ages does IQ cater to?

IQ serves children of primary-school ages (Grades 1 – 6).


Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we offer trial classes throughout our academic year.

Do you offer instalment plans?

Yes, we offer 3-12 month installments via participating payment partners.

What is the enrolment procedure?

Any student who wishes to enroll with us only needs to fill up the registration form and complete a placement test.

Are there other fees that need to be paid upon registration?

Yes. The other fees are: the registration fee of IDR 350,000 (one time payment), and book fees which is dependent on the subject and level. This typically ranges from IDR 500,000 to IDR 700,000 per semester.

When are fees collected?

Fees are collected after the children have taken the placement test and assessed on the appropriate level they are assigned. Parents will also fill in the admission form then.

What are the modes of payment for tuition?

Credit card, bank transfer, or cash. Credit card and bank transfers are preferred.

Is there a discount for siblings?

Yes, siblings get a 10% discount on their overall and combined fees.

Can students join in the middle of the semester?

Yes, registration and enrolment are open throughout our academic year.

Do I need to pay any enrolment fees during the trial period?

No, registration fee + book fee + tuition fee for the full semester are payable only after you confirm your child's registration.

How much are the registration and book fees?

Registration fee is a one time payment of IDR 350,000.
Book fee ranges from IDR 400,000 to IDR 700,000 per semester


Is the center closed on Public Holidays and School Holidays?

The center is closed on Public Holidays but we have a Summer Camp and Winter Camp package on School Holidays. They consist of a four week summer course and two week winter course respectively. Each camp is filled with fun activities designed to prepare students for the next semester of their learning.

What should I do if my child misses a lesson?

Contact and update the center with the reason for your child's absence. We regret that no refunds or makeup classes will be offered.

Can I get a refund for missed classes?

No – there are no refunds for missed classes unless it is due to the absence of an IQ teacher in which case we will provide parents with an option for a refund or a make-up class.

What is the typical student-to-teacher ratio?

IQ believes in quality teaching and learning. This is demonstrated and faciliated through our typical student teacher ratio that varies between 1:5 – 1:15. Since our methodology encourages social interaction and learning, a larger ratio does not diminish the quality of learning.

What is the maximum class size?

To ensure quality teaching and learning, there will be no more than 15 students per class.

Does IQ provide private classes?

Private classes are only provided only for very special reasons (considered on a case-by-case basis) and need to be approved by the center manager.

How does IQ address uncooperative students?

IQ has a 0% tolerance policy on any disruptive or distracting student who affects learning. In severe cases we will notify parents with an immediate termination and a 100% refund of the tuition fees within 1 month of the start of a semester and a refund of 50% after more than 1 month from the start of a semester.


Where are your teachers from?

We pride ourselves in recruiting and training local teachers. IQ’s teachers have a global mindset, English fluency and are experienced in their field. Our teachers understand the learning needs of children and are dedicated to preparing them to be global movers and shakers.

Each of our teacher is recruited through a stringent screening process and trained by experts from various countries while being supported by a unique activity-based learning curriculum.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

All our teachers are equipped with world class training in accordance with IQ Education’s standards. IQ’s teachers are energetic, encouraging and warm. We are committed individuals who love children and have a passion for teaching and learning. We have a combination of experienced and dynamic teachers, which allows us to maximize children’s learning while ensuring they do so in a positive and conducive environment.

How are lessons structured?

Each 60-minute lesson starts with a pre-activity, just five minutes before class. The pre-activity reviews the last lesson and triggers pupils' background knowledge for the lesson, engaging them while preparing them to learn the moment they arrive. A warm up activity at the beginning of class ignites the pupils through active movements. The main lesson focuses on the days' specific topic through activity-based learning. Classes are wrapped up with a review session that ensures children have absorbed the materials.

How do the teachers assess if my child has mastered the learning concepts?

All our teachers are equipped with lesson plans that are crafted with clear lesson objectives. At the end of every lesson, after a series of integrated activities, your child’s teacher will be able to assess whether the students have mastered the concepts. This assessment is recorded and communicated to parents on a monthly basis and when requested by parents.

What if my child needs more time to master a concept?

Your child’s teacher will coordinate with the learning space teacher and your child will be provided with extended guidance to help them understand the concept better. The learning space comes at no additional cost. Students must book a slot with the teacher as we maintain a maximum 20-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio at any given time in the learning space.

Are lessons aligned to school syllabus?

Our lessons are designed ahead of the school syllabus because we believe in scaffolding their learning where learners are better equipped to learn when given a head start in unlocking their potential. We adjust our placements in the event that a child demonstrates challenges in keeping up with their school work to ensure that they have a solid foundation while maximising their potential.

Will students be given homework?

We encourage self-directed and self-assessed learning. Students are also encouraged to use the learning space to practice their school work. We believe that at home, students should be engaged with quality family time and not homework late into the evenings.

Are there tests?

IQ will conduct assessments at the end of each level to ascertain the students’ progress and eligibility for promotion to the next level. Some learners may need an additional semester to master their learning.

How are soft skills taught?

Soft skills are integrated within the lesson. In addition, every staff member at IQ is also a role model for the students on soft skills. Soft skills are not only implemented within the curriculum but also in the IQ environment where children will learn by observing the IQ culture.

How is coding taught?

Coding is integrated into Math and English lesson plans on a regular basis. It is also conducted separately during a few weekends every semester. During Math lessons, student will solve puzzles and play games where mathematical computations and thinking concepts are applied at the same time. For English, students will improve their storytelling skills by creating code stories (using Scratch & Scratch Jr.) with vocabulary and sentences learnt during lessons and present to their peers. The weekend classes comprise of 5 two-hour sessions conducted on consecutive Saturdays. Over 60% of coding concepts will be learnt through physical activities.

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