Shazia is studying in one of Islamic International School in Indonesia, and it had become a challenge for her since she always almost failed on most of the lessons and tests that are being conducted in English, such as Science, Math and English.


She always felt she had failed me and she never was good enough, and I ever thought to give up and planned to move her to national school. However, she told me she really loves the school and friends so she didn't want to move out. 

Shazia should get additional support outside the school and I had encouraged Shazia to try out several courses, yet, she would drop the courses in the beginning of courses or after several meetings. Until one day in December 2018, IQ Education offered me one month of Free Trial Classes and I encouraged Shazia to try it out.


What interest me about IQ are:

  1. all of the staffs (not only the teachers) are speaking English fluently and super friendly;

  2. they commit to make your children feel comfortable and enjoy their time through fun learning method;

  3. they provide school homework and test support for children and it really helps Shazia to improve herself and her score.

Shazia has made a lot improvements since she joined combined track in IQ. In Math, She got 95 for the first time in her Math test and she ever told me that “Mom, I think Math is not as hard as I thought, It’s one of my favorite subject now”. In English, she has finished reading 6 english books (with lots of words) while she had never liked reading a book previously.

As a mom, I think IQ Education is a great after-school tutoring center where it doesn’t only focus on improving children’s school grades, but it has sharpened their soft skills and made the study fun again for them. Well, the course fee is worth every penny.

- Vanda Wulandari, Shazia’s Mom

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