Transforming Teachers to Coaches 

At IQ Education, we don't stop at creating great learning environment and awesome curriculum. We understand that the quality of teachers plays the most significant factor in delivering great learning for our students. This is how we invest in our teachers. 

We transform them into great coaches! First, we recruit Coaches with the right set of values like growth mindset, accountability and passion for education. Then, we continually develop their skills to be the best student-centered learning coaches in the world!

Coach Bootcamp!

Every Coach in IQ Education is constantly being assessed for their ability to teach and engage with the students. More importantly, they have to pass our intensive 3-week Bootcamp to make sure they are well-prepared to deliver the best student-centered learning for all our students. 

Some of the Things Our Coaches Need to Know and Apply in Their Classrooms
  • Developing Receptive & Productive Skills

  • Strategies for Brain-Based Learning

  • Effective Classroom Management 

  • Student Centered Activities and Transitions

  • Growth Mindset Strategies in Classroom

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