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IQ & CoLearn Social Media Specialist
IQ & CoLearn Sales Manager
IQ & CoLearn Recruiter
IQ & CoLearn Head of Sales & Marketing
IQ & CoLearn Finance Intern
IQ & CoLearn Demand Manager
IQ & CoLearn Copywriter
IQ & CoLearn Content Strategist
IQ Videographer (Project-Based)
IQ Systems & Business Process Manager
IQ SmartCenter Manager
IQ Salesperson
IQ Part-Time Child Psychologist
IQ Graphic Designer
IQ Frontliner 
IQ Marketing Manager
IQ Coding Coach
IQ Coach
IQ Account Manager
IQ Academic Material Developer
IQ Academic Administrator
Human Capital Manager
Co-Learn UI & UX Designer
Co-Learn Software Engineer - iOS
Co-Learn Software Engineer - Full Stack
Co-Learn Software Engineer - Backend
Co-Learn Software Engineer - Android
Co-Learn Salesperson
Co-Learn Product Management Intern
Co-Learn Online Coaches
Co-Learn Marketing Manager
Co-Learn Graphic Designer
Co-Learn Data Entry Intern
Co-Learn Coaches
Co-Learn Business Development Executive
Co-Learn Account Manager
Co-Learn Academic Content Creator
Co-Learn Marketing Manager
Customer Success Officer
Co-Learn Product Analyst
Associate Product Manager

How to Apply?

Send your CV and a short (max 1 page) and powerful essay explaining what you can contribute to IQ Education and why are you are interested to transform education in Indonesia. E-mail to & feel free to reach out with enquiries on that same address. We will invite interesting candidates for an interview within 2 weeks of submission of your application.

For Academic position (Coach/Curriculum Development), please also include

• English Language Certification (eg.TESOL or TOEFL certificate)

• University Degree Certificate and Transcript

• Masters Degree Certificate and Transcript (If applicable)

Don't see the open position you want? Send your CV anyway and let us know how you can contribute to our mission to change education in Indonesia. We'll be glad to know you're interested.

Working @IQ Education

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The mediocre teacher tells,

The good teacher explains,

The superior teacher demonstrates,

The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward.


At the core of every IQ Education are our dedicated and talented teachers. Our teachers unlock learners’ potential with their inspiring, nurturing approach using IQ Education’s methodologies. The role and responsibilities of our teacher can be challenging. However, the rewards of being part of learners’ progress towards excellence, seeing the twinkle of enlightenment in their eyes is unparalleled and priceless.


At IQ Education, we believe in stretching and enriching the potential of each and every learner. Our teachers appreciate that every child can learn. Assigned to levels best suited to their learning needs, the pupils’ unique learning needs and speeds are addressed and catered to. Our teachers are the ultimate mentors to our pupils within the classrooms and the best role models outside of it.

An Inspiration

Great teachers inspire their pupils to be persevering exploratory and discovering-learners. Their pupils emulate them and excel as independent and passionate life-long learners - imbuing them with 21st century skills. They encourage pupils to conduct with empathy and face new challenges  with grit and resilience. At IQ Education, our teachers nurtures the best out of every pupil under their care.


Life-long learners

As role-models of life-long learning, our teachers are continually guided and enrolled in upgrading programmes that includes training programmes on pedagogy, content mastery, classroom management and professional grading. In a culture of collaboration and constant improvement, our competent academic team reflect and share ideas and teaching experiences with one another  to regularly update and upgrade their pedagogy and methodology.


You are the one

A spirited and fervent educator, committed and dedicated to nurturing kids: supporting the mainstream learners while enriching the high achievers. You will go above and beyond to give the best to your pupils and inspire the best out of them.


You are our ideal candidate

• Proven record of academic and extramural excellence.

• Effective interpersonal and communication skills.

• Thrives in a dynamic, work culture with minimal bureaucracy.

• Nurturing and has a natural affinity with children.

• A strong desire to inspire and groom the leaders of tomorrow.


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