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About Us

IQ Education is founded and led by a globally experienced team with teaching and curriculum development experiences. We are passionate about nurturing a generation of future world leaders through our fun, engaging programs coupled with up to date teaching methods.


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IQ pedagogy & methodology: a unique approach to teaching and learning, synthesising activity-based learning with purposeful multi-sensory input.

Activity-based learning (ABL)
Multi-sensory input
Cognitive-base streaming

Instead of having children sit in conventional classroom seating, our hands on lesson plans get children to move around and be active while learning new concepts. Students are actively engaged from the minute they step into the classroom to the time they walk out.


Learner’s enthusiasm is triggered with relevant discussions and their learning is assessed through in-class exercises to determine their individual capabilities. Learners may be selected to spend one on one time with specific teachers to motivate them with a deeper appreciation for the subject matter and to attain mastery of the topic.

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Teachers = Coaches

We transform teachers into coaches. IQ Coaches facilitate learning in Classroom ans Learning Space. Trained by international team of educators, IQ Coaches are well-equipped to conduct student-centered learning. IQ Coaches are recruited for their set of values, like growth mindset, accountability and passion for education that ensure your child will share and develop same values. 

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